Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition - Raping Angels in Hell (2017) - Digipack CD


Recorded end 2016, “Raping Angels in Hell”, the sixth album of Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, has shaped band effort to skillfully used all accumulated influences & experiences over the 21 years. Porno gore influences are back, subtle black metal touches show up in an album where musical composition, text writing & graphic creation have been pushed to its best completion so far.

The result is a mature album with a true vocal inventiveness, memorable guitar riffs, a bunch of drums violence with a massive and organic thick overall sound in the idea of producing the 12 best songs the band has ever done in two decades.

6-panel DigiPak-CD with 24-pages booklet

Released on Animate Records on Sept 15th 2017

Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition is back in Death Grind !!